OP: Masher IV

After a hard fought series of battles in the Eagle’s Claw area US command has declared success after heavy losses. US units have moved back to the area around Bong Son village to maintain control of the critical river crossings and large rice producing areas. Protection of this area is critical to stability of the South Vietnamese government.

US Forces will begin aggressive reconnaissance of the area to facilitate search and destroy operations in order to prevent further build up up NVA forces in the area.

US forces will insert into the area with two days rations to screen and block main exit avenues while driving the enemy towards blocking forces. Plan to conduct a mobile rather than a stationary defense in many cases and develop the situation whenever possible using the Division’s air assets.

Confirmed enemy units include the heavy weapons battalion of the 18th NVA Regiment, captured papers and payroll information revealed the presence of the Headquarters element of the 22nd NVA Regiment. The NVA have claimed a victory over US forces, stating in propaganda leaflets that they have forced the US troops out of the Eagle’s Claw area. Command believes that the NVA are massing for a counter-attack through the area and directs the units in the AO to increase combat patrols to disrupt and destroy enemy units in the area.

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$60 ($80 w/ Meal plan)


Napoleonville, LA


19-21 October 2012

Registration closes:

8 October 2012

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Dress and equip yourself for the ‘Nam! Get your best Vietnam look on to fight for Uncle Sam or fight for the Revolution.


General age requirement is 18 or older. Minors allowed in presence of guardian.


AEG 400 FPS w .20 absolute max limit
330-360 FPS w .20 is preferred due to close-up nature of the battles.


Porta-potties will be on-site.

Power/battery charging:

There is no power on site, two fully charged batteries are all you should need for the entire weekend.

Chow Option:

If you’d like to eat from the mess hall, with snacks provided select this option. If you prefer to bring your own food for the weekend you are more than welcome to but make sure the prep time is short (i.e. dried rations/MREs). Any ice chests you bring will have to be maintained out of sight and/or must fit under your cot.


None authorized, none allowed.

Live Firearms:

None authorized, none allowed.